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“In a white canvas
you were the masterpiece I always wanted to draw.
The trails of my paintbrush over the cloth.
But I’m not a painter.

You’re the muse without painter
a model
orphaned by my clumsy hands.

I can’t hold the brush,
you will keep as an image,
but not mine. “


The bright side of the moon

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“The night is the train of ideas,
banalities become mysteries
the artificial lights
shadows all we don’t want to see.
At night, only the good survives.”

Indiana Johanes(bourg)

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“I crossed the mountains,
I sailed the seas,
I battled the big men
and I dealt with death.

I throwed the dices
and turn where the wind blew…
So here’s were it brough me.

I learnt your language,
I embraced your costumes.
finally I was on my track.

And now I got a job
You tell me it’s all my fault.
You tell me I stole it from you
that I it’s not here where I belong.

-Yes- I’m an immigrant
the same yesterday you saw
as an adventurer.
The one today is the plague in your eyes.

And in the meantime
your bank is emptying
our accounts while we argue
about whose fault was it.”

Something to remember

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“Everything has a color, a shape on smell.
Remember back then, when grandma made your
favourite meal, and how it smelt.
The color of the eyes, of the person you loved
how it glowed when you were its reflect.
The shape of a friend, walking toward you
when you needed that hug.

How good memories,
like songs on your head
bring a sense to what you are.
Life’s not race
just get own your pace.”

The magic of words

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“A distant sob was heard,

and the walker went ahead.

Still on her window a little girl

a walker looks at her

she’s got moist cheeks

covered by her long hair.

The walker asks to her:

– Young girl,

what’s the cause of this sorrow

that seems to invade you?

– I read in the books about it,

a magestuous kind of beast

who never gets tired,

who could take me out of here…

I’ll tell you abot it:

In the distance,

he looks like a horse,

you see

but when closer

a sharp ivory treasure

on his snout you’ll find.

– An unicorn! The walker replied.

If there’s one out there,

I’ll bring it here, so you don’t

spoil more of your tears.

In an attempt to make young girl’s dreams

become true,

the walker asked to a carpenter,

to have an unicorn built.

But any wood was white enough for him.

He looked into the bushed,

and behind every tree,

on the forest where he hunted

but no trace of the equine could be seen.

The walker visited a sorcerer,

who used all sorts of trick and magic…

but none of those seemed to succeed.

He went back, in sorrow, to visit the little girl.

Then he told her,

no unicorn he could get.

The little girl, smiled at him.

– I know unicorns today,

anylonger exist.

But you wrote about it

so they won’t be forget.

And it’s the closes to a unicorn

no one will ever get.”

You probably heard the news

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“You probably heard the news,
today we still beat the bad.
The allies bring the peace,
flowers on the riffles and sweets on grenades.

It just happened today
a soldier gave an umbrella
to a woman under the rain.

We’re safe, the war is far away.
Our tanks broke into Bagdad,
but hey, that won’t happen in New York, Paris or Tokyo.

You probably head the news,
they told you a nice story.
Did they give you the good night kiss as well?”

Failed meetings

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“I said pleased to meet you,
and later I thought…
even more pleased to unmeet you.”

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