The magic of words

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

“A distant sob was heard,

and the walker went ahead.

Still on her window a little girl

a walker looks at her

she’s got moist cheeks

covered by her long hair.

The walker asks to her:

– Young girl,

what’s the cause of this sorrow

that seems to invade you?

– I read in the books about it,

a magestuous kind of beast

who never gets tired,

who could take me out of here…

I’ll tell you abot it:

In the distance,

he looks like a horse,

you see

but when closer

a sharp ivory treasure

on his snout you’ll find.

– An unicorn! The walker replied.

If there’s one out there,

I’ll bring it here, so you don’t

spoil more of your tears.

In an attempt to make young girl’s dreams

become true,

the walker asked to a carpenter,

to have an unicorn built.

But any wood was white enough for him.

He looked into the bushed,

and behind every tree,

on the forest where he hunted

but no trace of the equine could be seen.

The walker visited a sorcerer,

who used all sorts of trick and magic…

but none of those seemed to succeed.

He went back, in sorrow, to visit the little girl.

Then he told her,

no unicorn he could get.

The little girl, smiled at him.

– I know unicorns today,

anylonger exist.

But you wrote about it

so they won’t be forget.

And it’s the closes to a unicorn

no one will ever get.”


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